immigration thailand COVID-19 test results. how? Update 2024

immigration thailand

immigration thailand In the previous episode, there were many people still abroad. Just about to go to some other countries. or about to travel abroad But I don’t know if I can enter Thailand. I don’t know what I need to do. From which country can you enter Thailand? What documents are required? So should I be quarantined? Having all kinds of problems? Well, we have the answers because we’ve collected the information for everyone. Let’s go see.

1. No need to quarantine (Test and Go)
– Traveling from a country of origin that is permitted to enter Thailand
– Completed vaccination at least 14 days before travel date.
– Submit a negative Covid test result (RT-PCR) with the result within 72 hours before departure. immigration thailand
– Have evidence of booking accommodation under SHA+ or Alternative Quarantine (to wait for the COVID test results at the apartment rental after arrival in Thailand)

In case the test result is negative then you

will be able to leave the service apartment immigration thailand

• From March 1, 2023 onwards, people traveling to Thailand from Japan will not be required to present documents related to the COVID-19 virus, for example documents guaranteeing vaccination.  immigration thailand and the results of the Covid-19 virus test And there’s no need to apply for a Thailand Pass membership, no need to be quarantined. Both Thai people and foreigners In addition, for people who have received the full vaccination and not vaccinated And travelers do not need to purchase a health certificate. However, if a traveler hopes to purchase a travel certificate Able to operate based on willingness

In the case of passengers stopping to change flights at airports in Thailand (Also in the example Transit and Transfer)
• From 1 March 2023 onwards, passengers who transit at airports in Thailand (Also in the Transit and Transfer models) to travel to the destination country without passing through.

The Thai Immigration Department does not need to apply for a Thailand Pass membership and does not need to show documents guaranteeing injections or COVID-19 virus test results.  immigration thailand There is also no need to provide evidence certifying treatment in an amount not less than USD 10,000.
• As follows, please analyze the contents of various documents used for traveling with the airline and the destination country again.

As everyone understands well that Thailand will officially

immigration thailand

open the country for foreigners to travel on November 1, 2021, immigration thailand  but entering Thailand is There are practices and rules that must be followed that are no different from those in other countries, but what is added is probably the Thailand Pass, which many people still don’t know what a Thailand Pass is? which Traveloka has the answer for you.

As mentioned above After October 20, 2021, Minister Nachu announced that he was ready to open the country for travelers to enter Thailand without quarantine starting from November 1, 2021 onwards. There are many things that we Thai people in the country And foreigners who are starting to have plans to travel to Thailand must know this. It is necessary to prepare today,

so there are methods for preparing for travelers from other countries traveling to Thailand on how they should prepare. immigration thailand  Including booking airline tickets. In the past, we had better get to know Thailand Pass first. When 2-3 years have passed The government has issued measures for traveling into Thailand for protection.

“Covid-19 virus” for example

applying for a Thailand Pass membership,  immigration thailand showing!  documents guaranteeing complete vaccination or RT-PCR/ATK test results, quarantine, but after it was announced that Covid-19!  It is an endemic disease (July 1, 2022),

causing various measures!  to be reduced for!  people traveling to Thailand,  ดูหนังออนไลน์ 4k 88  both Thais and foreigners. without!  having to show documents related to the Covid-19 virus In addition, people who have been fully!  vaccinated are also people who have not received the vaccine. Documents that should be presented before boarding the plane Moreover, Thai people including foreigners

The Thai government has no additional measures against Chinese travelers.  immigration thailand Emphasize that the requirements for travelers from all countries are equal. do not discriminate Specify at least 2 shots of vaccine. Buy health certificate.

By Mr. Samuttha Chanvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health. Said he is ready to adjust measures even if events change. “It will still be at a controlled level. There is no difference between the Thai virus and the Chinese virus. The immunity that Thai people already have. Immunity that foreigners already have Also from the vaccine and!  from!  getting naturally!  infected,” Mr. Notebook!  said on 5 January.