Year in year out, most people go out camping for weeks, and the number keeps on increasing day after day. The fact that many people are going out for camps also means that many of them will also engage in mountain hiking. If you love mountain hiking, you need to prepare well before you undertake this exercise.

If you want to enjoy your hiking experience, then you should make sure that your preparations are up to standard. The most important thing that you should ensure in your preparation is that you pack everything that you need for hiking.

Essentials that you need to pack for your mountain hiking


The first step that you should undertake in your preparation is acquiring of finding a good backpack. This is because this bag is important for all hikers as it is used in carrying any stuff that the hiker will need during the journey. Be sure to include some rain covers on your backpack so that they will prevent you from getting wet when the rain comes.

Sleeping bag and mattress

The other important thing that you should have when hiking is a sleeping bag and mattress. We have a variety of sleeping bags that one can purchase from the market today. They come in the form of warm –weather bags and also arctic-temperature bags. The type of sleeping bag you purchase will be determined by the weather of the place that you are going to hike. Make sure that you purchase a sleeping bag that will keep you warm throughout the night.

Enough clothes

It is important to pack clothes that will sustain you through the hiking period. Therefore some clothes that you will carry along should be informed by the number of days you plan to spend on the mountain. Some of the clothing types that you need to pack include hiking pants, socks, boots, shorts, sweaters, underwears, gloves, shirts and even a parka.


It is also important that you remember to pack a tent since you will be spending the night at the mountain. You are advised to choose a tent that can be easily packed and that which will be suitable for you to sleep in during the night. It is also good if you choose a tent that is waterproof since it will protect you from water if it rains.

Carry enough food

Do not let yourself be hungry while you are hiking, that is why you are supposed to carry enough food to sustain you while you are hiking. This is because it will be difficult to find food on the mountain. That is why you must carry enough food to ensure that you are nourished throughout.

Bottled water

Since you will be walking around, you need to have bottled water. This will be in handy when you become thirsty.


It is important that you carry this along, it will help you determine your position in case you are lost. If you have the above, then you are in a good position to enjoy your hike.