A smoke pipe is an equipment specially made for smoking. It has a bowl (for the tobacco or marijuana) from which a thin hollow stem emerges(shank), ending in a mouthpiece. Pipe smoking has been seen as a gentleman’s way of relaxation. You may have admired watching others partake in this art and wanted to, also get yourself a modern smoke pipe like the Helix pipe; well here are tips on buying modern smoke pipes either for yourself or as a gift.

Types Of Smoke pipes

Smoke pipes come in various shapes and designs. Some of the common designs are:

Sherlocks Pipesskldnvklanklvnsdlkvnksladvnklsandvlksandklvnasdvsda

It is a U-shaped glass pipe, named after the fictional British detective Sherlock Holmes who used an equally vintage smoke pipe.

Spoon Pipes

As the name suggests, a spoon pipe’s shape resembles that of the ordinary spoon. They come in various colors and designs to choose from.

Chillum Pipe

Arguably the most common type of pipe, it’s a straight conical pipe. Commonly made of clay wood or stone.

Dugouts Pipes

Also known as a cigarette bat. Designed as a container that has two parts: one hitter and a storage chamber. Perfect for discrete storage of your tobacco or marijuana.

One Hitter Pipes

It is a smaller type of glass pipe with a bowl. Its shape appears similar to that of a cigarette. They have an advantage of portability and are pocket-friendly.

Construction Materials

Smokes are made from different materials. Below are the most common materials you’ll meet in the market.

Wood Pipes

Most of the pipes sold nowadays are made from wood specifically briar. It’s mainly good wood for several reasons. E.g. It’s naturally resistant to fire; it also absorbs the moisture from the combustion in the bowl

Glass Pipes

Glass by far brings out the most beautiful pieces. They come in various colors and a wide range of designs from simple to the madly unimaginative ones.

Clay Pipes

In most cases, very fine white clay is used. Low-quality clay pipes are mostly made from porcelain, of very low quality are said to impart undesired tastes to smoke. Clay pipes do get hot compared to other pipes.

Meerschaum Pipes

lksdnvknksladvlksadvknsadlvknalskdnvlkasndvasdvIt is a mineral found in small shallow deposits, around Turkey, its plasticity allows it to be shaped into various shapes. There are counterfeits in the market which lack the smoking quality of the original meerschaum pipes. Always seek advice from informed source when purchasing one. Prices of smoke pipes are determined by the design and material used to make it. Novelty designs are likely to cost a fortune unlike the common designs. Pipes made from meerschaum are also a tad expensive than the clay, wood and glass counterparts.…

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