Everyone, including you, must have been a victim of the monthly electricity bills. And honestly, nobody likes to part with a huge part of their money settling energy bills. Perhaps the biggest benefit of electricity is that we have the ability to manage it efficiently. Embracing energy saving tips will help you save lots of cash each month. Below are some helpful reminders that will help you cut down on your energy costs and turn you into a money savings expert.

Check for air leakages

22 ncnvbkcnkDuring winter air leakages in your home will be evident because you will feel breeze getting into the house. Depending on the temperature outside, make it necessary that you stop them in their tracks. Some of the common places that air leakages are present include windows and doors. The perfect solution is stripping them down for a few hundred dollars. The attic or basement is another essential place to inspect for leakages. While they might be harder to find and repair, they are just as important as the leakages in your home.

Change your light bulbs

Are you aware that roughly over two-thirds of the energy used by regular incandescent light bulbs is spend in generating heat and not light? The chances are that you won’t tolerate that type of waste in most parts of your life, so you should not do it with your lights either. Choose LED or CFL bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs because they will save you lots of cash in the long run.

Mind your appliances

It’s a fact that old or under used devices can consume lots of energy in your home without even noticing it. Taking the step to ensure that your appliances are in good working condition and when you are replacing old appliances consider purchasing those that are certified to conserve energy. They are more efficient and will save you lots of cash in the long run.

Change air filters

Without any doubt, most people forget about changing their air filters which could make a huge difference in your energy bills. Operating your air conditioning unit with a dirty filter will block the proper flow of air and cause it to work harder which causes a rise in energy bills. Air filters are cheap and should be changed after two or three months. If you like pets, then you have to change them more often or consider washable filters that are a bit expensive.

Upgrade windows

As winter gets nearer, you will need a warm and comfortable home. A good way to prevent the heat in your home from escaping outside is upgrading your windows so that they become energy efficient. Experts recommend windows with more glazes to help capture heat and prevent it from escaping.

Repair your roof

33kjfjkfjjApart from the windows in a home, the roof is another part where heat can escape. Heating a home can prove to be expensive and so you should try as much as possible to ensure that all the heat is kept inside not outside. An improperly insulated or damaged roof can lead to loss of heat. Call a professional to inspect it, identify areas of heat loss and repair them.