If you are the kind of person who has been accustomed to training with someone, then you probably know that it is very important to have a good training partner. By so doing you will not only ensure that your workouts are productive but also it will go a long way in making them fun.

Talking from experience, I have been very fortunate over the years since I have always maintained a good training partner, but in some instances, I have been forced to endure rough time when my training partner is not around. It is always common that when you have had the chance of experiencing the company of a good training partner, you never want to train with a bad partner. This is why you should be choosy when making a decision on who should be your training partner.


Here are some of the characteristics that you should look for in a good training partner


It is obvious that you will want somebody who is  prompt as your training partner. You should choose somebody who arrives early or on time for training sessions always. They also should be people who should not miss workouts unless they are sick or nursing injuries. They should be people who respect time.



It is always good if you choose somebody who is disciplined for a training partner. When you are selecting your exercise companion, you will always want to have someone who works hard as you do or even better than you. They should also be people who accomplish what they say they will do. He or she should be a person who meets their goals in all aspects as regards to training, diet and other aspects related to training.

Should be someone who gives you great support

It is also important that you choose somebody who properly understands what you are doing. For instance, in weight lifting, you will want a person who when you are under the bar, will give you the appropriate support for you to lift the dumbbells but not lifting them for you.  If your partner is the type that is usually conversing with others during training sessions, then it is about time you find a new training partner.

Should be positive and motivated

A good training partner should always be positive. He should be a person who is motivated. They should be motivating you as opposed to distracting you from achieving your goals. When you have a motivated training partner, it will surely rub off on you, and you are sure to be pushed to the next level. Hence achieving your goals.


Good communicator

Another attribute of a good training partner is that they should be good communicators. Even though not in general terms, but you should have a good understanding between yourselves. They should always communicate to you with motivational words. He or she should not be a chatterbox but should be a type of person who gives enough motivation and communication, so that they can push you beyond what you could achieve when you work out alone.


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