An International Epic Movie, A Story Whose Time Has Come –

Globalization Gone Awry

Concept: Fiction feature film, a murder mystery, inspired in part by the 1984 Union Carbide gas spill in Bhopal, India – the “Hiroshima of the chemical industry.”
Story: Beautiful Indian-American debutante searches for her father, the plant manager on duty that night.
Genre: International Epic / Thriller / Disaster movie. Dramatic personal journey set against historic epic backdrop. The Insider meets Titanic.
Format: US/India 35mm Feature Film, English-language, 2 hours, PG-13 rating.
Audience: Youth – love story fueled by idealism. Adults – epic thriller with historical relevance.
Status: Development and pre-production; principal photography in North America and India, Fall 2005.

Media Advisory: Press Conference Scheduled for 2 December 2004, 11am, in Bhopal, India
Press Release and Press Conference: 2 December 2004, 11am, in Bhopal, India (during 20th Anniversary Commemoration) — Aishwarya Rai To Star In Major Motion Picture About Bhopal
Press Conference – Entertainment Media: 5 December 2004, Noon, in Goa, India (during India International Film Festival)

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Producer Zachary Coffin
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